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GradeSlam makes educational equity the reality.

Instant, personalized academic support for all students, anytime, anywhere.

A unique opportunity for K-12 Schools and Districts with devices

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Join the innovative schools and districts who offer GradeSlam to their students.

Paso Robles Joint Unified School District
Long Beach Unified School District
Sequoia Union High School District
Pomona Unified School District
Rim of the World Unified School District
Santa Barbara Unified School District
Laguna Beach Unified School District

Qualified Educators

GradeSlam educators are certified employees, allowing us to have complete control over quality and teaching methods. As expert educators, they provide much-needed relief to the increasing demands put on your teacher workforce.

Adapted to your teaching methods

GradeSlam educators support students by prompting an inquiry-based interaction that is curriculum agnostic and designed to align with teachers' existing methods.

Inquiry-based learning

GradeSlam educators follow Socratic teaching principles by asking questions to encourage critical thinking. They guide students through each step of the problem and never give away an answer.

Provide support and insights to your teachers

GradeSlam provides full transparency, allowing teachers and administrators to identify which students are struggling, where they are having trouble, and what specific questions are being asked.

"I thought only our high-performing students would use it, but I've been very pleasantly surprised with the breadth and depth of our students' usage. I have been very, very impressed with the program. The GradeSlam team has been incredibly helpful in answering questions and supporting us on the back end. I can't speak highly enough about the program."

Brooke Faigan Principal, River Valley Charter School

"GradeSlam is an innovative company that strives to help our students reach their true potential. The chat-based online tutoring system easily complements our current offering of after-school person-to-person Math and French tutoring, in addition to the support provided by our faculty."

Shawn O’Donnell Head of School, Sacred Heart School

Awards and Accolades

Best Homework Help Tool for Schools
EdTech Startup of the Year
Most Outstanding eLearning Platform
Test Prep Solution of the Year

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